Friday, September 30, 2022

Yaum-e-Shuhada 2011

Yaum.e.Shuhada Pakistan 2011 – Pakistan Army

MCOM had the rare honor - to be the sole content developer & event manager for the most prestigious event of Pakistan Army: Yaum.e.Shuhada Pakistan. The brainchild of Chief of Army Staff himself, the event for 2011 was organized at the GHQ before the grand architecture of the Shuhada’s Monument. Heart-warming tributes were paid to the martyrs, ghazis & families of forces. A total of 5,000 participants from all walks of life witnessed the event, live. Also present amongst audience, were 300 diplomats, Defense Attachés of 50 countries, political dignitaries & distinguished personnel from international, regional & national media.

Financial resources worth over 20 million were dedicated for the meticulous execution of the said event but the prestige, emotional attachment & professional fulfillment attributed to the event remained priceless. HD video content development for the event was taken care exclusively by MCOM, this included shooting at military installations, filming of reenactments of battlefield assault & operations. A total of 13 cameras including wireless-handheld, wired tripod-mounted, 2 automated jibs, 2 snorkel mounted & 1 helicopter mounted camera were used to cover the proceeding of the event. 2 larger-than-life size “Small Medium Diode” screens were installed projecting crystal clear second by second proceeding of the event covered with multiple cameras in almost real time.

Joint Chief of Staff Committee, Chief of Naval Staff & Chief of Air Staff also attended the event amongst crème de la crème of the military, political, diplomatic, media & civil society dignitaries. The State Television as well as all of countries’ terrestrial & satellite channels broadcasted approximately 15 minutes of live event in the prime time news on event day. Pakistan’s most sophisticated and fully equipped OB van was deployed by MCOM for transmission of flicker-free wireless broadcast signals to all channels.

All channels will run edited event-video of 60 minutes duration on Saturday, the 7th of May 2011. (unless otherwise decided by military central command, given the critical defense-diplomacy & geo-political situation). To mark this historic event a 4-page special supplement was also designed & published by MCOM that featured the theme advertisement of Pakistan Army on the occasion as well as articles & pictures of eminent value. City branding & other collateral materials were also designed & procured by MCOM with utmost finesse. The services rendered by MCOM for this landmark event were highly commended by Chief of Army Staff, in person. These compliments were expressed to MCOM before concerned military leadership in a rare post event tea, called at COAS House for acknowledging the relentless efforts made towards making Yaum.e.Shuhada Pakistan 2011 - a glorious success.

Pictorial walkthrough of event can be viewed at link: Yaum-e-Shuhada 2011 Pictorial
Videos and Event Show can be viewed at link: Yaum-e-Shuhada 2011 Video and Event