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Inspiring change in an ever changing world
Date: Nov 16, 2011

Operating simultaneously in commercial, government and social spheres, MCOM is numero uno of advertising excellence, public relations, and event management; which emerges as the most dynamically evolved advertising leader on Pakistan’s media landscape. In less than a decade, MCOM acumen has started conquering communications horizons and reaching new avenues of business volumes, creative credentials and operational excellence; and is now set to venture into international business affiliations and associations.

Selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo is MCOM’s mantra, which possesses one of the finest combinations of creative, marketing and media professionals of advertising enterprises. This seasoned human resource and creative workforce is poised to make marvels by excelling in the art of carving masterpiece through brainy ideas to uphold the excellence.

360 branding all across all communication vehicles including television, radio, billboards, print ads and IEC materials are ensured by keeping a consistent framework of conceptual, graphic, colour, visual and lingual symmetry. Practicing avant-garde approach, MCOM synergizes the overall communication impact and gives birth to greater Top of the Mind (ToM) Recall, which helps in message recall and opens right window in the perception model of the target audience.

 Soaring popularity of brands and a cluster of advertising agencies have propelled Pakistan into the new era of advertising competition, and there is no end to it. So it is next to impossible to single out an agency on the basis of performance. In spite of aforesaid reality, MCOM continued its struggle and became one of the leading top five advertising agencies in terms of business volumes and market share. At the moment MCOM’s annual business volume is Rs. 1.5 billion and is growing phenomenally.

According to established set of beliefs, the advertising enterprises tighten their grip either on public sector clients or takes lead with commercial clientele, which is in vogue in Pakistan.

Challenging this orthodox mindset, MCOM is the only advertising agency of Pakistan which is making its mark in both the spheres of commercial and public sector communication interventions. MCOM embraced the challenge with Abu Dhabi Group and Singtel’s Joint Venture, and released Warid Tel’s masses campaign on 360 degree media nationwide fortnightly which was followed by the launch of back to back 360 degree campaigns for the world’s renowned commercial giants on the tightest of deadlines and stringent of quality standards. MCOM’s diversified commercial clientele includes British American Tobacco’s regional communication (for Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka), DMMC Mitsubishi, ICC Champions Trophy, Haier, General, Cannon, DEWAN Motors – BMW and Dewan Motorbike, BM Scotch Bright, Wyeth Pharmaceutical recently acquired by Pfizer Pharmaceutical Worldwide, American Garden, The Centaurus – real estate project of Abu Dhabi Group in Pakistan, EMAAR Pakistan, and last but not the least DELL Pakistan.  

By virtue of being most robustly growing advertising venture, MCOM carries the legacy of catering cutting edge communication solutions for financial institutions, organizations and banks. During the economic crunch, MCOM through immaculate  strategic and media planning launched advanced profit mega campaign on “Pehlay Munafa Scheme” for The Bank of Punjab in January 2009. MCOM’s strategic partnership phenomenally facilitated the Bank of Punjab and helped them to secure deposits of over 7.6 billion rupees. Another dependable and long-term relationship with Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) is the launch of National Savings Bond (NSB), first tradable bond of Government of Pakistan, which can be witnessed by looking at the cumulative investment secured by CDNS that stands out at 3.6 billion rupees.

Challenged with the revenue shortfall for the quarter, MCOM was commissioned with the task to develop effective communication model to persuade non and short filers for Income Tax Returns. MCOM conceptualized and disseminated messages with the balance of motivation and enforcement that proved effective and resulted in moving the revenue collection graph upwards.

 MCOM also took the opportunity to join hands with the government for their war against terrorism; and launched an effective counter-terrorism campaign for Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan to assuage the pains of bereaved families and portrayed true picture of Pakistanis as peace loving people. Besides MCOM has the privilege of undertaking an out-reach campaign for Pakistan Army aimed at paying tribute to the martyrs of the war against terrorism and to announce special recruitment opportunities for the wards of Shuhadas. The short but focused campaign resulted in effective image management and recruitment intake.

MCOM had a rare honor - to be the sole content developer & event manager for the most prestigious event of Pakistan Army: Yaum-e-Shuhada Pakistan. The brainchild of Chief of Army Staff himself, the event for 2011 was organized at the GHQ before the grand architecture of the Shuhada’s Monument. Heart-warming tributes were paid to the martyrs, ghazis & families of forces. A total of 5,000 participants from all walks of life witnessed the event, live. Also present amongst audience, were 300 diplomats, Defense Attachés of 50 countries, political dignitaries & distinguished personnel from international, regional & national media. . HD video content development for the event was taken care exclusively by MCOM, this included shooting at military installations, filming of reenactments of battlefield assault & operations

Realizing the worth of democratic norms, MCOM has been assigned the task to publish a special report on two years performance of the present democratic government, which describes the commendable accomplishments such as NFC Award, Passage of 18th Amendment, Benazir Income Support Programme, most importantly selfless struggle of Pakistan Army on war against terrorism through grand-scale operation in troubled areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan and from evacuation to rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) back to their homes safe hand sound.

Advertising with social dimensions is on the rise with MCOM.  From investigating objectives of a campaign with social dimensions, examining the process creating them and developing a model for explaining their success factors, MCOM provides all services to the utmost satisfaction of a client. Most of the campaigns have mixed objectives, both economic and social, which have many implications.

MCOM also conquers hopes of international bodies by qualifying the cumbersome criteria and strictest standards for the social sector development. MCOM has had the privilege to be the only communication company from Pakistan that was awarded the status of e-consultant from the World Bank, Washington DC for the execution of Benazir Income Support Programme, which was developed and delivered par excellence. MCOM has also had the honour to be the part of launching Gwadar Labour Colony on account of Mazdoor Convention, registration in Social Security & Workers Welfare Fund, and Labour Reforms. Their electronic and print media campaigns have resulted in increased number of registration, greater workers satisfaction and motivation and more productivity of manufacturing units.

As a result of broad-based qualitative and quantitative approach, USAID JOBS project has recently been exclusively awarded to MCOM after cutting throat competition, thorough review and scrutiny and international standard criteria by USAID local and Washington Office. MCOM has the honour of being the only agency to be appointed by World Bank, Washington DC to undertake strategic interventions on social safety support in Pakistan.

Qualitative research is used for pre-testing of the messages. Generally outsourcing is arranged for pre-testing for getting absolutely fair and unbiased results/feedback from the respective respondent. Tools such as Focus Group Discussions, in-depth interviews etc. are used for gathering information. However, MCOM possesses 100% capabilities of conducting a pre-testing of all communication products on its own.

MCOM has also played a vital role in provision of promotional service to top-notch academia of the country namely National University of Sciences and Technologies (NUST), Virtual University (VU) and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), which are preparing young and top-of-the-line young IT gurus in addition to various disciplines of management and social sciences. Mind-blowing campaigns resulted in increased number of students in respective faculties in all their campuses across the country.

Mass media interventions on TV, RADIO (FM/AM) and print with the exception of regional vehicles lend a spill over launch pad for effective unconventional Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) Interventions that inevitable to be brought in for desired results. At MCOM, this target is achieved through intelligent media planning with the closest focus on the target audience, which is further perfected to maximize share of voice for available share of advertising.

Since subliminal advertising is not supported by any scientific evidence, and its use is considered a deceptive business practice in some jurisdictions. MCOM proves it the other way round and successfully advertises through road-shows, puppet shows, pamphlets, handouts and many more which are practiced time-to-time to make up consumers’ mind.

Communicate effectively is our professional belief and disseminating information through top-of-the-line web and cellular technology rich multimedia’s eye-blaster and cellular network keeps us ahead of others in advertising. BCC intervention guidelines and brands keys/blueprints are locked for consistency for communication with due molding flexibility according to the nature of communication product/cultural sensitivity.

Driven by VPN connected, Black Berry enabled, static and motion graphic powered (MAC & IBM environment), creative and management leadership, MCOM had to go extensive hard-time in qualifying stance & interest for becoming the custodian of the national and international brands in a short span of time; and it all became possible due to business insight, our strategic roadmap and creative muscles.

Very a few succeed to raise your eyebrows on business avenues, and are blessed with business insight, strategic roadmap and creative muscle. MCOM believes in extending its arms to mature a long-term brand partnership with prestigious clientele and qualifying consumers’ expectations. www.wearemcom.com is their address to dynamic presence in the virtual world. Last but not the least, critics call them ‘the rebels and rivals’ but some of the industry’s most acclaimed researchers rank them amongst the top five tycoons in business genre. They keep on moving and upgrading themselves with avant-garde approach and with the most modern paraphernalia for making their presence to be felt, and recognized.